Farewell Skagaströnd


It’s been an emotional week. I’ve been mulling over whether to take up the opportunity to stay in Skagaströnd for six months working and painting or head home as always intended. Several 180 degree turns have been made in the process of deciding this. I’ve opted for sticking to my original plan. Not without several private teary eyed moments.

I’m currently in sitting in a hotel room on the south coast realising it’s blog night and I haven’t prepared anything. Partly because of the above and because I’ve had to prepare for another Opið Hús, pack up the studio  and house and, most importantly say farewell to a lot of people I’ve become quite fond of.  

I arrived expecting to be unhinged by the perpetual darkness. That didn’t happen. Instead, it was marvellous (and brief)! I depart surprisingly heavy hearted. Words just won’t cut it. I’ve been scrolling through a mountain of pictures and have decided to dedicate this blog to silly happy snaps of the people I’m leaving behind. Some of the best are missing from the photos sadly. Though not recorded, definitely not forgotten. And, yeah, I know there’s no shots of us actually doing any work. We did work…..Honest.

Bless bless x


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