The Westfjords

This trip was actually done mid January, on the same weekend as Myvatn. At the time, there was a lot of snow around, which there is not now. We had intended to head up to Isafjördor but the roads were closed due to heavy snow and inclement weather. That happens all the time in the Westfjords. One must be flexible and change plans constantly by checking the road condition reports online. Here is the site in case you’re curious: Westfjords road conditions. The experience of change was profound here. The video below shows a particularly beautiful (though somewhat treacherous) portion of highway 68. Every time we circuited a fjord, the light and weather changed dramatically. Video credit Westfjords Wind: Alyson Jackson.

We detoured on the return journey to see Kolugljufur, a fabulous waterfall not on the maps about an hour out of Skagaströnd. It reminded me of Hancock Gorge in Karajini but white instead of red. Really stunning!

Drangsnes was where I saw my first aurora. As you can see by the photo, it’s not that exciting and was barely visible to the naked eye. The best thing about Drangsnes is it’s hot pot. Free to visit, it sits right on the beach. We visited around 9-11pm and had it to ourselves. There’s three tubs to choose from of varying temperatures and it was lovely to sit there and watch the waves crashing in.

Meanwhile, I’ve just completed my second Wednesday mentoring some students from the local school. They’re so lucky, getting to work with artists from around the world producing all sorts of interesting projects each week. They’ve been invited to join in exhibiting at this month’s Opið Hús with the work produced with myself and Aly who mentored them in the weeks before me.

Everyone in town is excited at the moment about the changes happening at the local supermarket. It’s closed today as they do the final preparation before re-opening tomorrow re-branded. Small town stuff!



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