The North


Living in such a tiny fishing village with few amenities, passing through Akuyreri the “Capital of the North” was exciting. Amazing for a population of only 18,000, they have more commercial art galleries than Perth. All their traffic lights have red hearts instead of the usual circles. Getting there was quite icy but not too bad when equipped with a 4wd and winter tyres.

Between Akyreri and Mývatn is the famous Goðafoss waterfall. It is stunningly beautiful. Still getting the hang of my new camera at the time we went, my shots don’t do it full justice.

Mývatn itself is famous for it’s geothermal natural baths, it’s mountain crater, the freakish lava deposits that stand everywhere around the lake and Hevrir or “bubbly place” as Alyson calls it. Our timing was fantastic as the whole area was covered in beautiful snow and the light was constantly transforming throughout the day, ending with perfect clear moonlit skies at night. The baths were wonderful, very warm and great for the skin and tight muscles. We were in hysterics about the icicles that formed in our hair due to the -18c outside temperature. Few tourists venture beyond the south coast and the “Golden Circle” so we shared this pleasure only with a lovely old couple from Akyreri. Perfect!

On the return journey we followed the coast up the peninsula bounded by Akyreri and Hofsos. That was really stunning. Perfect conditions allowed us to see all the way to Grimsey Island off the coast and into the arctic circle. The colours and forms extraordinarily beautiful the whole way.

At the time of writing this, some 10 days after the trip, I am well settled in at Skagaströnd and comfortable. The other artists are all lovely and it was interesting learning about each others’ work at a recent Artist Presentation.

Since I arrived on Jan 2nd, the sunrise – sunset time has increased from just over 3hrs to just under 6hrs. It’s changed unbelievably fast. However, I have to confess, it is not the darkness that affected me as I had expected, it’s the profound absence of familiar friends back home. I’d love just one night out at Fringeworld with a few of you or to share a meal in the kitchen at the Artsource studios with my art buddies to keep me from becoming too self-absorbed!

I’ve produced a lot of ink studies and recently acquired some oils which I’m working into them with. I’ve posted a couple of images on my Instagram and will probably do a post entirely dedicated to that subject sometime in the next few weeks.


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