Week 1

Obviously this week has been primarily about settling in. I have kept up the traditional working/waking hours of the employed despite the lack of light at either end of the day. The circadian rhythm is strong in me. I’ve quickly developed a love of the mornings, regularly exploring new pathways before the first light. Even in a week, it seems to appear much earlier than before, though I suspect this is in part due to the reflective qualities of the snow that now covers everything. The whole place has transformed from a remote back-water to crystalline wonder within a couple of days. With the exception of the first picture in this gallery, all images are in sequential order, so you can get a sense of the change.

In fact, change is probably my ‘word of the week’. It is ironically, the only constant. In the space of an hour the palette can transform from yellow, to green, to grey, to pink and back again. A mountain can emerge and disappear. The Westfjords can recede or seem almost within reach.

Being immersed in a variable sensory overload has generated the seed of an idea for a creative project already. My interest as always is in phenomenology and ontology of the mind. I won’t discuss the details here, as it’s still in it’s infancy, but I am prepared to say that it is related to constant and extreme environmental change and how I embody that experience, expressed in visual form.

Tomorrow I head for Mývatn with a few of the other artists, followed possibly by the Westfjords a few days later if the roads are open.

5 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Looks amazing Amanda and can’t wait to see what comes of it. It looks like you’re in a Game of Thrones setting. If you see John Snow, say Hi for me. Enjoy every moment.


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